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60th Annual SETA Convention

 Agenda - Main Ballroom

Friday - January 13th                                                                                                      

7:00 PM - Opening Announcements

7:30 PM - Debbie D. - AA - California

10:00 PM - Ricky R. - AA - Jacksonville TX

10:00 PM - Spanish Workshop - Fransisco - 2nd floor

Saturday - January 14th

8:00 AM - Area 67 committee

8:00 AM - GSR Workshop - Sara B.

9:30 AM - Billy N. - AA GSO - Florida

11:00 AM - David B. - Alateen - Alvin Tx

12:00 PM - John H. - Al-Anon - Houston TX

1:30 PM - Don B. - CFC - Woodsville TX

4:00 PM - Fransisco S. - Spanish Speaker - AA - Mexico

8:00 PM - Meyers R. - AA - Kerrville TX

9:30 PM - Entertainment & Dance

Sunday - January 15th

7:30 AM - Area 67 Assembly

11:00 AM - Sharon S. - AA - Oklahoma

Marathon Meetings will be in AA Diplomat rooms III & IV

Fri. 11:30 pm Grapevine

Sat. 1:00 pm Diagnose Yourself Big Book pg 31

Sat. 2:30 pm Resentments Big Book pg 66

Sat. 4:00 pm Spiritual Life Big book pg 83

Sat. 5:30 pm Fatal Malady Big Book pg 92

Sat. 11:30 pm We Agnostics Big Book pg 44

Sun. 1:00 am The Promises Big Book pgs 83 & 84

Sun. 2:30 am Daily Reprieve Big Book pgs 85 & 86

Sun. 4:00 am Life among Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book pg 161

Sun. 5:30 am Trudge the Road of Happy Destiny Big Book pg 164

Hospitality Rooms 216/218

Friday 5:45-7pm

Saturday 7am-8am/11:30am-12:45pm/5pm-6:15pm

Sunday 7am-8am

In following with the 7th Tradition, contribute in the cans in the hospitality suite

AA Spanish - Embassy Room 2nd Floor


Al-Anon Meetings Cardinal Room 2nd Floor

Saturday - 8am and 5pm

Sunday - 8am

Friendly Reminders

CD Room/Audio - Diplomat I

Coffee - Lobby

Marathon Meetings - Diplomat III & IV

Spanish Marathon Meetings - Embassy 2nd floor

Registration - The Veranda

Lost & Found - Hotel Front Desk

Archives - Diplomat II

Al-Anon - Cardinal 2nd floor

This is a self-supporting event. Please contribute to the coffee kitties and contribution cans in the hospitality rooms.

Why Do I have to Pay?

A common misconception regarding AA conferences and conventions is that are regular AA meetings.

While parts of this conference have a similar format to regular AA meetings, the Southeast Texas Area 67 Convention is not a regular meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The SETA Convention is a special AA event with special participation.

The SETA Convention is self-supporting; no contributions from AA groups are used to pay for this event. Expenses such as hotel fees, travel and lodging for the speakers, and printed material are paid through registration fees.

No baskets are passed during this event. As stated in our Seventh Tradition, "We are fully self-supporting through our own contributions"

What if we can't pay?

Please see Registration as they will have Scholarships available to those who need them.

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